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Nicci is a hugely respected and trusted provider of litigation support services whose superlative track record in the serving of legal documents and tracing services has fostered longstanding and highly valued client relationships.

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In a career that spans 20 years, Nicci Ashby’s in-depth knowledge of the industry, the service rules and court requirements have earned her a formidable reputation among law firms and made her a go-to person for support on a wide range of legal matters.

Drawing on the expertise of her own specialist process serving consultancy, ASH (UK) Process Servers Ltd, she can offer an efficient and cost-effective service of papers for anyone that requires it in England and Wales and, if required, in most places in the world.

Whether a client requires legal documents served for an imminent court hearing, or reassurance of proof of delivery to a recipient, Nicci and her team have the expertise and resources to achieve exceptional results, even against the tightest of deadlines.

Her impressive credentials mean she can assist clients across all legal areas. For instance, she can bring a wealth of experience to help debt recovery solicitors through the serving of key documents such as bankruptcy petitions, statutory demands and court orders for payment.

She can also assist landlords’ and tenants’ teams, for example, by serving break notices and possessions as well as serving possessions claims to reclaim possession of properties.

Drawing on her experience of working with wills and probates teams, Nicci can provide clients with a document service when there is a dispute over a will or beneficiaries. Her expertise also extends to process serving that covers copyright and intellectual property.

Nicci can offer clients 4 main categories of process servicing, starting with the standard provision, which is the most cost-effective service and covers non-time-critical paperwork.

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With 2 decades of experience and industry insight to draw on, Nicci can also provide a bespoke service that is tailored specifically to each individual client’s unique requirements.

Whether you require us to serve relatively straightforward, standard documents or to organise complex time-synchronised, multi-location services, either in the UK or overseas, Nicci and her team will work with you to understand your specific requirements and tailor our services and fees accordingly.

Nicci’s access to an extensive network of process servers and enquiry agents means she can help clients deal with all of the essentials, such as collecting and lodging documents at court; obtaining signatures on documents; confirming occupancy at an address; taking photos of a property, vehicle or trading premises; and making local enquiries to source useful information.

To support her client relationships, she commissioned and oversaw the development of a unique, in-house case management system, which was written specifically to deal with process serving from the moment that client instructions are received to the point when a witness statement has been completed and the file closed.

Nicci can also provide expertise in tracing people and their employment history as well as locating assets and vehicles, which she can offer as a standalone service or as a complementary one alongside her process serving.

She has an exceptional track record in delivering results, notably in challenging cases that require completing trace work against tight deadlines.

Nicci also has an extensive network of working partners that she can draw on and can, if required, bring in specialist companies to locate assets, vehicle and trace services when surveillance and on the ground investigations are critical to the case.

As a longstanding member of the Association of British Investigators, Nicci authored and updated the Process Servers Guide, a publication offered to association members. Her revised version provides concise information for anyone who is process serving, enabling them to easily navigate the court rules and effect service correctly.

A Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals, Nicci is also a Director Member of the Association of British Investigators. In 2021, the Association awarded her the Frank Martin Award for services “above and beyond the call of duty”.

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