Digital Forensics

When you need to recover and secure digital information in cases such as a corporate investigation, dispute resolution, IP theft or employee disputes, turn to ESA Risk for expertise in digital forensics.

You might require information from computers, mobile devices, cloud data or internet activity. Whatever information you are looking for, the expert Digital Forensics analysts at ESA Risk have considerable experience in securing forensically sound evidence in the constantly evolving digital environment.

We work closely with the business and legal sectors to identify the location of key sources of data before advising on the best methods for capturing and preserving the relevant information in a forensically secure manner.

Our Digital Forensics team are experts in recovering, analysing, and producing reliable evidence. The team offers a versatile service that is adaptable to a variety of different case types within dispute resolution, insolvency investigation, forensic accounting, and fraud and business crime.

All investigations are carried out in an ISO-accredited lab using specialised forensic software, ensuring vital evidence is preserved to enable analysis in accordance with ACPO guidelines. The tools include specialist Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC) software, designed in-house and now widely used by law enforcement and security agencies all over the world. VFC enables the investigator to view the information stored on a machine in its native environment without switching on the original device, thereby preserving the integrity of crucial metadata. A forensic image of the data is taken to preserve the original data. An analysis of the information can then be performed using the captured forensic image. The benefit to the investigation team is that one can save valuable time at an early triage stage and assist with a quicker resolution.

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The Digital Forensics team has vast experience in planning and executing suitable and proportionate investigation strategies with a transparent pricing structure to give you cost predictability.

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Our range of digital forensics services


At ESA Risk, we have created an agile and adaptable service tailored to meet the required scale of any e-disclosure exercise in an effective and defensible manner. A dedicated project manager will work with your team to plan the entire process starting with the collection of data and its analysis through to its presentation and disclosure. We prefer to get involved at the earliest possible stage to identify the issues and agree the best option or model to enable disclosure to be made within the required timeframe.

e-Forensics and Data recovery

Our forensic analysts have the technical expertise to retrieve electronically stored information (ESI) accidentally or intentionally deleted. The application of sophisticated technology to remove duplicate documents and filter out non relevant files significantly reducing the volume of evidence to be searched. The use of our online review platform allows you to review the information from multiple locations with highly collaborative features allowing users to share information with members of the team. Complex cases involving high volumes of data may benefit from our innovative range of Technology Assisted Review software which automates the identification of relevant documents significantly reducing the discovery process.

Data theft, Fraud and IP disputes

ESA Risk has the expertise to assist with the investigation of suspected fraud, corporate malfeasance and intellectual property disputes. We can help you to recover, extract and analyse case-critical data while ensuring the integrity of data is preserved and remains admissible in evidence.


The security of your data is of paramount importance in any project we handle. When using our services you can rest assured that your data is cybersafe and secure. All our systems have been tested to the highest standards by an external certifying body to verify boundary firewall and internet gateways, secure configuration and malware protection. We also have experience of handling sensitive cases and ensure confidentiality and discretion are maintained at all times.

With every case we handle we personalise our services to cater to you, always seeking outcomes to satisfy your needs. While digital forensics at ESA Risk are trustworthy, they are also cost-effective. Our digital forensic specialists remain up-to-date with changes in the industry to provide you with the responsive, and reliable service you require.

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they need. Ready to discover how we can help you?