Insolvency & Debt Investigations (brochure)

Seeing the whole picture in insolvency and debt cases is key to maximising returns to creditors.

Insolvency & Debt Investigations (brochure)

Wherever you need to identify hidden assets, or locate targets who have gone to ground, ESA Risk have global coverage.

We can also assist on pre-insolvency matters, identifying whether there will be suitable assets to recover and helping you decide whether a case is worth taking on.

We add further value with difficult cases by providing you with strategic support in additional areas of digital forensics and asset and personal security.

Download this brochure for an overview of ESA Risk’s Insolvency & Debt Investigations services, including:

  • Asset tracing
  • People tracing
  • Process serving
  • Digital forensics
  • Complex investigations
  • Technical covert operations
  • Security.

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Overview of ESA Risk's insolvency & debt investigations.

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