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Financial Risk Management

Financial stability is transformative in business.

With financial risk management, your company will have control over the risks before they even appear. It is a crucial component in protecting your hard-earned reputation and ensuring financial compliance within your business.

By paying proper regard to potential financial risks, you are effectively creating defences to any action that may be brought against you. Risk management is a protective shield that not only ensures you stay in business, but that your record remains clean.

Our expert advisors will ensure your company has the correct policies in place. We follow and uphold the correct guidelines by implementing up-to-date policies and safeguards. In turn, your company will achieve its compliance and, if relevant, ISO accreditation. With these in place, your company increases its credibility and customer security.

At ESA Risk, we adhere to the legal and statutory requirements for safeguarding finances. Our management and expert advice will fulfil your needs and satisfy your stakeholders.

Your business, large or small, will be looked at with precision and care before making the necessary improvements to meet surveyor regulations.

Some businesses are more exposed than others, for instance:

  • The hotel industry. Hotels may have a bureau de change that deals with large amounts of cash, so must be registered in compliance with money laundering requirements when foreign currency is being turned into pound sterling for travellers.
  • Brewers and distillers or supermarkets. Companies selling alcohol must make sure they know who they are buying from and that the tax or duty has been paid.
  • Businesses that are vulnerable. For instance, contractors or people working in construction are often paid in cash. In some cases, there are tax implications, for instance when individuals attempt to put revenue into the next financial year to evade their liability to tax. This can cause scandal when detected by development surveyors that are signing off for final completion.

Our expert consultants

Cash flow management

Within your business, the business directors, chief operating officers and financial directors are responsible for managing finances and cash flow. We’re here to help when it comes to managing the risks and taking the necessary steps to control them.

Issues with cash flow can be avoided if the correct risk management steps are followed:

  • Employees are aware of their duties and obligations.
  • Policies and procedures are put in place.
  • Financial modelling is tested and stress tested.
  • Risk assessments are implemented against money laundering and tax evasion.

The result? A resilient business. Financial risk management will reward you with a competitive edge and put you in a better position than others in your industry.

Information in depth

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We reduce and avoid the risk

ESA Risk takes action. We take action to mitigate your risks, whether that’s through drafting policies or communicating to the rest of your business and setting up protocol and regular training.

Drawing on the collective expertise of our consultants, we will:

  • Assess and audit existing finance-related policies and procedures.
  • Recommend improvements in a report and help you implement them.
  • Educate on employee risks, for example staff helping clients with tax evasion or taking bribes.
  • Mitigate the risks of employee claims by ensuring your workforce is cared for and properly trained.
  • Conduct health and safety risk checks.
  • Investigate any fines or tax disputes.

With financial risk management, you can avoid being hit by major fines that can reach 4% of turnover in some cases – up to £20 million.

You can navigate financial risks by anticipating issues before they become a problem. Once your company has all compliance in place, regulators will have no reason to hand out fines.

Your track record will be clean, your operations will be smooth, your reputation will be protected.

ESA Risk works through collaboration. Our expert team can look at all aspects of your business: your finances and the business structure behind them. We then advise on the fundamental strategies and adherence to policies involved in managing financial risks.

Good risk management is about the whole picture. And if done right, can save you a lot of money, as not mitigating potential risks could be detrimental.

Our service is tailor-made, led by people rather than algorithms. We work with agility within different industries, creating personalised action plans to mitigate and control any financial risks.

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Lawyers, accountants, advisors, investors, senior
management. You name them, we help them find the answers
they need. Ready to discover how we can help you?