Technical Covert Operations

The demand for technical covert operations has never been greater.

At a time when corporates and legal firms face unprecedented financial pressures, the ability to secure critical intelligence covertly can save clients substantial sums, protect their assets and safeguard their reputation.

In almost all cases, the cost of employing a covert surveillance operation will amount to a fraction of the financial losses incurred by a business, whether that is due to fraud, insolvency, theft or long-term sickness and absence.

No two assignments are the same, and although some covert surveillance assignments can be executed quickly to deliver results, in many cases the operations are much more resource intensive. Insolvency work, for instance, often involves detailed international investigations and its complexity requires specialist expertise, in-depth knowledge and a wealth of professional experience to trace assets and people. Or providing invaluable intelligence for a provisional liquidation, especially identifying the movements and whereabouts of specific people.

In an increasingly competitive market in which a growing number of specialist consultancies offer technical covert operations, industry reputation is of paramount importance.

Drawing on an exceptional track record, both in the UK and in operations overseas, we are expertly positioned to offer bespoke covert technical surveillance operations to find resolutions for any scenario.

Highly disciplined, ESA Risk’s technical covert surveillance teams always perform with absolute professionalism, successfully executing each assignment with complete discretion and gathering critical intelligence while evading detection. Exceptionally agile, we can adapt our services to any situation, responding quickly and with ease to changing circumstances and effectively managing time pressures to handle any case, no matter how complex. We can scale our services to respond to short notice assignments or more challenging full-scale operations, even when that involves work overseas.

In every case, we’ll always work to the highest industry standards and also ensure that the critically important intelligence we gather during the surveillance is admissible as evidence in any legal proceedings.

Our expert consultants

Our highly experienced team, led by a former British Armed Forces reconnaissance specialist, is armed with superlative investigative and surveillance knowledge. Equally important, it is expertly skilled in the operational use of the latest covert surveillance technology.

Drawing on a suite of tools, including state-of-the-art photographic imaging equipment, audio and video surveillance technology and sophisticated tracking devices for asset protection, we’ll deliver exceptional results while ensuring that all of our procedures adhere to the relevant UK requirements, including RIPA, the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act. We will also ensure that our surveillance activities are delivered in accordance with the necessary legislation of the overseas territories we operate in.

The team will employ a suite of proven surveillance methods to meet individual specific needs. Where necessary we can combine different techniques to support detailed, full-scale investigations.

Covert technology products

Technical Covert Operations services

Static surveillance

This type of surveillance covers many different investigations, including a cohabitation investigation that requires us to prove the suspect is residing at a specific address; a matrimonial investigation where we need to prove the person suspected of having an affair is visiting a specific location; or court order that restricts an individual’s movements.

Mobile surveillance

We will always employ this method with other types of surveillance to ensure we evade detection while also securing critical intelligence.

Foot surveillance

As this method risks being detected or losing the suspect, we use a range of surveillance techniques to support this approach.

Technical surveillance

We have the expertise and skills to deploy a wealth of surveillance equipment, most notably GPS tracking devices and radio frequency detection, which we will use for protective surveillance and to maintain asset protection.

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Covert surveillance for any assignment

We can provide covert surveillance operations for any assignment but have a proven track record in the following areas:

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