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All businesses require security measures to help safeguard their people and assets. At ESA Risk, we ensure effective security is implemented to protect you and your businesses, with an efficient, cost-effective and professional service.

Our supportive security services provide tailor-made measures to suit your business’ requirements. Whether you need protection from repeated break-ins or assistance with compliance for insurance purposes, we’ve got you covered.

We are committed to providing reliable and professional security, and cater for both private individuals and companies within fields such as construction, property management, financial services, retail, hospitality and insolvency. We also work with local authorities, the utilities sector and NHS Trusts. If you need security risk assessments, manned security or surveillance, ESA Risk can provide the tools.

Your business is in safe hands

ESA Risk’s security experts have longstanding contracts in place with major property companies across the UK and carry out regular inspections on vacant properties. Our professionals monitor the physical security and integrity of buildings and can provide the installation of robust security systems to protect and prevent loss of intellectual property.

In business, people are your assets, and ESA Risk’s security measures also involve the close protection of people. ESA Risk operates a team of professional concierge security and front-of-house services that are manned by highly trained security officers, all fully licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

With a 24/7/365 manned security suite, we can provide you with the peace of mind that your safety and protection is in place, wherever you are. Our technical team can provide you with temporary or permanent CCTV and alarm installations to continually monitor and safeguard you, your family and your assets.

Our expert consultants

Drawing on a professional and highly trained team of in-house security consultants and managers, we can design and deliver bespoke security measures for all scenarios and tailor them to each individual client and their respective environment.

ESA Risk can provide bespoke security solutions for your specific needs

Clients use our security specialists for both our agility and ability to offer a comprehensive list of critical services covering the entire United Kingdom. We can also provide overseas safeguarding through our licensed close protection officers and network of international security agents.

Our team of experienced security consultants and managers have impressive backgrounds in the military, the police and the financial and legal sectors. All staff are vetted to ensure they meet the requirements of British Standard BS7858 and are DBS checked.

Our head security consultant, Liam Doherty, co-owns and runs Marpol Security Limited, one of the largest independent security companies based in the north west of England, with whom we have a joint venture. All UK-licensed activities are delivered by Marpol Security staff who are certified to the SIA’s government standards and Marpol Security is a member of its Approved Contractor Scheme. Liam has extensive experience of supporting insolvency practitioners and receivers in the protection of property assets, stepping in to ensure that assets retain their value and insurance cover is maintained until the property is re-let or the asset disposed of.

Liam and his team work in both the public and private sectors and have an excellent track record, providing security solutions for clients from small, independent SMEs up to large national and international blue-chip companies. His team also brings invaluable professional expertise and insights, which gives them an intimate understanding of the risks involved for clients and the security solutions required to manage and mitigate them.

Our services include:

  • Manned guarding
  • Concierge services (residential and corporate)
  • Security risk assessments
  • Alarm response
  • CCTV / alarm installation and monitoring
  • Vacant property inspections to ensure insurance compliance
  • Facilities management
  • Close protection.

Information in depth

Expand your knowledge base with the latest security-related news, insights and guides from ESA Risk.

Security risk assessments

If you have a security need, we offer a high-quality assessment that can help you identify what services are critical for your sites. As a first step, we will deploy a security consultant to visit you and review whether you require services related to cyber security, CCTV remote monitoring or physical security. In the case of physical security, the consultant will then analyse the crime statistics in the area, take photos around the site to identify where security needs to be tightened up and then put a proposal together outlining recommendations and a menu of options to reflect your budget.

Our personal, swift customer service will ensure you feel secure and are satisfied with our work. All our team members are experienced and fully trained to cater to your security needs. We can monitor your buildings regardless of the type and size, we can protect your assets and we can provide the security needed during property monitoring and valuation.

We build customer feedback into our risk assessments so that the services best reflect your needs and fit your circumstances. Our experts can make recommendations to improve the security on site such as the installation of steel shutters or screens on windows and doors, which are critical in high-risk areas that are vulnerable to break-ins from arsonists, squatters, thieves and vandals. We can also organise regular inspections to identify any leaks that might damage an empty property. Insurers will typically insist upon documented periodic inspections of vacant premises as part of their terms and conditions.

Full range of security services

We can help with commercial evictions and property evictions, too, working closely with local authorities and solicitors to ensure that the eviction process is handled discreetly, safely and sensitively.

Whether it is a one-off service or the provision of long-term security arrangements, we are equipped to respond to your needs with a range of services that will safeguard your business. We work with speed and agility to put security measures into place, and our ‘hands-on’ approach promises optimum client care and protection through the delivery of a high-quality service, cost-effective and professional service.

Further insights

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Lawyers, accountants, advisors, investors, senior
management. You name them, we help them find the answers
they need. Ready to discover how we can help you?