Hotel and Leisure Management

Picture this: your hotel climbing the industry ladder, drawing in more revenue, heightening its reputation. Hotel and Leisure Management Consulting is an integral part of the services we offer at ESA Risk and, believe us when we say, you will see results.

Opting for management consulting can be the determining factor in the success of your business. Whether you are new to the industry or already own a hotel, ESA Risk’s expert hospitality operations consultants can advise on profitability and provide auditing services for a range of product categories.

Our consultants have a proven track record in recovering distressed hotels and increasing their profit margins, as well as advising new investors on location strategy and management according to size and budget.

We work with a variety of clients and can offer tangible benefits:

For existing hotels

Current hotel owners or managers may require an operational overview followed by implementation of new strategies to increase revenue. We make improvements to your hotel that both improve your services and ensure effective cost saving. We also monitor distribution and pricing strategies.

For acquisition

We can assist you with acquiring properties and identify how to turn those assets into profit. Our consultants will help you spot opportunities for growth, whether that be by location, room pricing margins, or in relation to local competition. We work with asset managers and management companies, as well as service departments, to ensure successful acquisition and implementation.

For new hotels

Whether you are an investor or a prospective owner, we can do the work for you. Our consultants provide reports containing market research and feasibility on prospective properties, as well as operational plans to get you up and running. If needed, we can provide contractual management services, too.

For hotels in urgent need

Our consultants have worked with insolvency practitioners and lenders in matters of hotels in distress. If your hotel is struggling with cashflow or business has become stagnant, we can implement business recovery strategies to restructure operations and identify any problems in current management. Our aim is to recover your hotel and maximise profitability through improvement and effective budgeting.

Our expert consultants

Our team includes hospitality operations consultants, revenue management specialists and experts from related fields including security and risk management.

Hotel management consulting

We offer project-based, personalised consulting to help get your hotel to the top

Our services are tailored to the needs of each client to enhance profitability. New assets can be advised on and effectively managed to reach maximum performance within the market. Current hotels are audited, and cost services amended, to make improvements to revenue and growth.

We take a holistic approach, looking at the finances, the property and the operations.

Business reviews

We also offer business reviews which can include:

  • Case studies on branded versus independent opportunities
  • Systems and online presence
  • Implementation and utilisation of hotel technology
  • Training and development
  • Revenue optimisation
  • Budgets/P&L/profitability consultancy.

Independent business reviews involve a thorough inspection of your hotel, with a view to helping you take control of costs and implement effective strategies to maximise bookings and customer satisfaction.

Any weaknesses in the business will be replaced or reworked to boost revenue and ensure smooth management processes. Consultants regularly conduct strategy reviews, asset appraisals, evaluation of operations and refinancing if necessary.

Information in depth

Add to your knowledge base with the latest news, insights and guides from ESA Risk.

Why work with ESA Risk?

We are responsive and personal, making sure we tailor our solutions and management plans to your needs. All factors are taken into consideration as we embark towards excellence and reputability for your business. Our consultants’ sector experience alongside their large network of contacts within the industry will ensure a thorough and informed advisory process.

Working with us will ensure increased revenue returns and outstanding management improvements to your hotel. We aim to expand and grow your business, to excel within the market. Your hotel matters to us and we guarantee bespoke solutions to any concerns you may have.

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Lawyers, accountants, advisors, investors, senior
management. You name it, we help them find the answers
they need. Ready to discover how we can help you?