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Cyber attacks on businesses, legal firms and high-net worth individuals have grown in reach and sophistication in the past decade, causing disruption to services and inflicting commercial and reputational damage.

Whether it is a commercial competitor who uses stealth to breach security and steal company secrets, criminals that deliberately paralyse networks and demand a ransom, or a disgruntled employee abusing their access to IT systems for fraudulent transactions, the war against cyber crime remains an ongoing battle and one of the top threats clients cite to business continuity.

Worryingly, the proliferation of malicious acts such as malware, phishing, ransomware and data breaches can only become ever more challenging to counter as the global economy becomes more digitalised and interconnected.

Covid-19 has created its own challenges for employers and the effectiveness of cyber security systems. With more employees working from home – and likely to do so long-term – it has become far easier for cyber criminals to access corporate and legal IT systems via home networks. As more employees work remotely and for longer periods, the greater the risk that criminals will target individuals who do not have the protection of more sophisticated office systems to monitor for security breaches and safeguard assets.

In the future, businesses will face a constant stream of more challenging cyber-related incidents, including more intricate investment scams. The rise in the use of cryptocurrencies, for instance, has made it harder for businesses and organisations to trace payment transfers.

Legal firms are also at risk. A practice that uses an online portal so clients can log in and view how cases are progressing may find their access has been denied. The firm may be ordered to pay a ransom before the system can be accessed. Not only does this raise issues around untold financial costs but there may also be a breach of client confidentiality and data.

ESA Risk is secure in crisis and non-crisis situations

Faced with these cyber risks, corporates, legal firms and high-net worth individuals rely on the expertise of industry specialists to provide enhanced protection with non-crisis services and the delivery of prompt and effective resolutions in a crisis scenario.

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Our expert consultants

ESA Risk’s team of high-achieving and professionally qualified experts, which is headed by a former senior government cyber security specialist, can respond to all eventualities.

From assisting with the installation of the most cutting-edge systems to provide enhanced levels of protection, to advising on effective steps to take to resolve current issues and mitigate future risks, our boutique service enables our team to tailor responses to your individual needs.

For non-crisis situations, our industry specialists can review processes and systems to identify potential weaknesses and offer practical advice on the addition of cutting-edge software and the installation of effective hardware tools to ensure you and your business are fully protected.

In more serious crisis cases, ESA Risk’s experts will rapidly deploy and consult with you and your senior colleagues, analyse the events surrounding the cyber attack and explore the best course of immediate action to take as a response. We will investigate how the intrusion has impacted on your business and advise on how best to communicate with the third party responsible. At the outset, it is extremely important to determine what outcome you want and the timeframe for achieving this resolution. We will also assess the damage, both financial and/or reputational, and whether there are any regulatory issues related to the security breach that must be considered.

ESA Risk’s team has extensive experience in handling every stage of a crisis response discreetly and with the complete trust of the client.

We can step in and work with PR firms to minimise any reputational damage that may have been caused and to minimise the risk of shareholders and investors responding negatively.

ESA Risk has the expertise to assess whether confidential and sensitive data has been accessed and compromised. We can draw on our partners and their networks to limit any damage caused, ensure systems are back up and running quickly and install new, more sophisticated defences to prevent any future incidents.

Cyber investigations

We offer a high-net service in digital forensics and investigations to run a concurrent cyber investigation to respond effectively with any potential ransom situations. This will save you time, money and reputational fallout.

Our team includes former government and private sector security professionals, who have worked closely with enforcement bodies to uncover and mitigate criminal activity.

We can also assist by providing support through the courts. Working alongside your legal team, we will seek to gather intelligence in order to support worldwide injunctions and freezing orders.

Let us help you, let us protect you, today.

Training and education

While emphasis is often placed upon the implementation of robust technology, cyber risk can also be largely mitigated through training, education and awareness.

Our online cyber security courses, provided by the Global Cyber Academy range from a beginners’ level 2 diploma to more advanced diplomas at level 5.

A selection of available courses:

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Lawyers, accountants, advisors, investors, senior
management. You name it, we help them find the answers
they need. Ready to discover how we can help you?