Corporate Investigations

As a senior stakeholder, you will understand that any business, institution or organisation is susceptible to corporate malfeasance.

However, the risk of fraud, bribery and other acts of misconduct is even greater during recessions and when there is insecurity in financial markets.

Covid-19 and its repercussions on the global economy means 2021 and the years following may see a spike in criminal acts, both from internal and external perpetrators.

Corporate misconduct takes many forms. For example, employees may abuse their positions and misuse assets or, employers may discover that former or current employees are working with third parties for shared commercial benefit.

As a senior leader you should be constantly prepared and create a culture of vigilance within your organisation and across your supply chain. It is vital that you safeguard your assets, information and people against all threats.

External threats could be in the form of cyber attacks from individuals or organisations intent on stealing confidential and sensitive data or looking to install ransomware to disrupt business continuity and demand a ransom.

When experiencing a threat or a situation of malfeasance, whether in a crisis or a non-crisis, you will need experts armed with specialist forensic skills who will action discreet and speedy investigations to secure the results you demand and expect.

Decisive and quick action pays

The success of a corporate investigation rests on the speed of a client’s response to incidents. It is critical that you take decisive steps early on.

A pre-prepared and tested crisis plan will prevent a delay in taking prompt action. Importantly, having this plan in place will also increase the prospect of securing vital evidence and will usually reduce the length and cost of the investigations. A quick response backed with a well-executed investigation will reduce the risk of long-term damage, both to your finances and reputation.

Our expert consultants

ESA Risk draws on a team of high-achieving consultants to deliver high-end corporate investigation services. We can manage any response, guiding you through the essential steps to a satisfactory resolution.

We can resource and mobilise our domestic and international teams at speed, while maintaining control at the senior level and keeping cost proportionate. This ensures that you will keep control of the operations and costs at a macro level.

Our corporate investigations services include:

Our consultants have considerable experience in developing anti-bribery and corruption compliance programmes and undertaking international fraud investigations.

Tailoring our investigations to meet your individual requirements, ESA Risk’s consultants will work closely with you, drawing on our specialist forensic skills to gather evidence and develop effective action plans. We’ll ensure your assets, information and people are protected while minimising the risk of damage.

Information in depth

Expand your knowledge base with the latest news, insights and guides from ESA Risk.

What we offer

Clients who partner with ESA Risk benefit from:

  • Exceptional service – we can draw on the very best specialists in their respective fields to achieve the results you demand in crisis and non-crisis situations, all delivered with proportionate costs.
  • Speed of response – quick, decisive action is critical when investigating cases and we have the ability to scale responses on individual cases with ease and speed to deliver decisive outcomes.
  • Adaptability to different circumstances – drawing on a wealth of specialist skills and expertise, we can step in and support a diverse range of clients and deal with any challenge, no matter how complex.

A partnership with ESA Risk means you’ll be working alongside our senior consultants who will provide unrivalled professional advice, expertise and access to our extensive global network. We can help you plan safely for all circumstances in a cost-effective and proportionate manner.

Let us help you minimise your risk while maximising your profits.

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Corporate investigations brochures

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Lawyers, accountants, advisors, investors, senior
management. You name them, we help them find the answers
they need. Ready to discover how we can help you?