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Mike Davenport

A former corporal in the British Armed Forces, Mike has built on an impressive record in military reconnaissance and accumulated nearly 20 years’ specialist expertise in technical covert surveillance.

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Through his industry reputation and superlative delivery of investigation services, Mike Davenport has become the go-to-person for key players in the financial and legal sectors.

Heading up ESA Risk’s technical covert surveillance service, Mike provides a broad suite of investigation services, all professionally executed.

No single surveillance task is ever the same and Mike’s exceptional technical knowledge and skills, shaped by his operational work across international borders, means he can deliver decisive results no matter what the assignment is while also catering specifically to individual needs.

Mike’s track record covers all of the in-demand and growing areas that require technical covert surveillance operations, helping clients to secure information that is critical for a successful outcome whether that is a financial settlement or a conviction.

Through his long professional career, he has played a decisive role in the investigation process, including cases involving insurance and corporate fraud.

He is well positioned to assist insurance firms investigate fraudulent claims through the effective covert surveillance of a suspected individual. Mike can apply a similar approach to support employers who need to investigate employees on long-term sickness suspected of working for a second employer.

The shift towards remote working due to Covid-19 has made it easier for employees to abuse their position and this is one potential growth area for technical covert surveillance.

Beyond these basic operations, Mike can help clients with more challenging assignments involving serious fraud whether that is money laundering or any other criminal activity. His expertise extends to international investigations.

Mike has extensive experience in providing support for insolvency cases, helping to locate hidden and/or stolen assets and working with the relevant authorities to help deliver convictions.

In addition, he can bring his professional expertise to matrimonial investigations, which usually require large surveillance teams and involve intensive operations.

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To support all of his operations, Mike can draw on a highly trained and professional team of handpicked industry experts, all vetted as required, to provide operational and technical support. He can also draw on an impressive list of authoritative industry experts who will provide unparalleled advice should he require assistance on assignments where specific knowledge is required.

Using his technical skills, Mike can access the latest software to execute deep data searches that will help pinpoint an individual’s movements and latest residence. Video technology is central to his operational work. The evidence gathered, which is date and time stamped, is indisputable in a court of law and brings an extra level of authority to investigation services.

Mike has run his own investigations company, PLC Surveillance, since 2005. The UK-based firm has significant international reach, delivering a diverse range of operations in the UK, Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim. PLC Surveillance operates hand-in-hand with Mike’s supporting covert technology company, whose service offering includes state-of-the-art surveillance equipment.

His covert technology company also provides a wealth of in-house technical expertise. Mike annually invests in the latest high-end equipment such as covert cameras and will also build and provide bespoke technology to meet individual agent’s needs. As part of its range of high-tech equipment, the business offers the very latest in GPS tracking devices.

After ten years in the armed forces during which time he earned an exemplary record as a recce platoon corporal, he worked alongside ESA Risk’s Mike Wright at GHW Corporate as a surveillance operative, bringing his military reconnaissance and technical expertise to the table.

He then briefly worked as operations director for Begbies Traynor, working on its insurance fraud investigations before setting up his own RP Investigations in 2006. This private investigations firm specialised in insurance fraud, sickness and absence, matrimonial surveillance operations, corporate fraud and insolvency.

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