12th May 2022

The different ways to use a car security GPS tracker

GPS is fast gaining acceptance as a central part of our daily lives.

In 2021, the GPS device industry was valued at $1.78 billion globally. That figure is expected to climb to $4.93 billion by 2028.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and it’s a system of satellites that transmit signals that allow us to determine our precise location on Earth. GPS is used in various industries, including transportation, navigation, and surveying.

GPS security tracking is one of the most popular uses for GPS today. But exactly how do people use a car security GPS tracker? Here are the six top ways.

Keeping track of your car

Many cars in the UK come with a car security GPS tracker fitted as standard. This is not surprising when you consider the many benefits of GPS security trackers.

GPS trackers help deter thieves by making it easier for the police to locate stolen vehicles. With almost 48,500 vehicles stolen in the UK in 2021 alone, it’s easy to see why trackers are so important.

They can also help owners keep tabs on their car’s whereabouts, which can be particularly useful if you share a car with other family members or if your vehicle is used for business purposes.

In addition, a GPS security tracker for your car offers real-time tracking, meaning you can see exactly where your vehicle is at any given moment. This can be invaluable if your car is involved in an accident or if it breaks down and you need to send out a recovery vehicle.

Tracking cargo during shipping

One of the common ways to use a GPS security tracker is to track high-value cargo during transport. The tracker provides real-time updates on the location of the cargo, so shippers can be confident that their goods are safe and on schedule.

A GPS security tracker can also help prevent theft by deterring would-be criminals and helping law enforcement quickly recover stolen goods.

In addition, some trackers can be used to monitor conditions inside the shipping container, ensuring that delicate items are not damaged in transit.

Keeping track of your children or pets

Have you ever lost track of your kids in a shop or at the park? It’s every parent’s nightmare. That’s why one of the increasingly common GPS security tracker uses is tracking the whereabouts of young children.

Just attach the tracker to their backpack or coat, and you can monitor their location in real-time using your phone. If they ever get lost, you can quickly find them and bring them home safely.

GPS security trackers are also great for keeping tabs on pets. Whether your cat likes to roam around the neighbourhood or you’re worried about your dog getting lost on a hike, a tracker can give you peace of mind.

Plus, if your pet ever does go missing, you can use the tracker to find them quickly.

During hiking or running

GPS security trackers have quickly become one of the most popular tools for hikers and runners everywhere.

When you’re out on a hike or a run through the countryside, it can be difficult to maintain your bearings and stay on track. That’s where a GPS security tracker comes in.

This piece of equipment helps you always know where you are. In addition, a tracker can provide real-time data on your speed and direction, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

Whether you’re exploring new terrain or simply taking a weekend jog, these powerful accessories can help keep you safe and ensure that you don’t get lost on your adventures.

Navigation when travelling in a new city or country

Navigating a new city or country can be overwhelming. A GPS security tracker can make it easier for you to find your way around unfamiliar streets and neighbourhoods.

A device that provides real-time location data can help you get from point A to point B seamlessly.

As part of a security system to monitor your property

A security system is only as good as its weakest link. But what happens when that weak link is your property itself? How can you be sure your property is safe when you’re not there to watch over it?

The answer may lie in GPS security trackers.

By tracking the location of your valuables, you can rest assured that they are where they’re supposed to be. And if they’re not, you can take steps to recover them before it’s too late. This is a big part of efficient risk management.

Make the most of your car security GPS tracker

Whether you’re looking to keep your belongings safe, monitor your kids or pets, or track your vehicle, there are many different ways to use a car security GPS tracker.

We offer a bespoke GPS security tracker – the Prime 3G GPS Tracker – which can be put to use in a number of different situations.



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