Insolvency & Debt Investigations (brochure)

Wherever you need to identify hidden assets, or locate targets who have gone to ground, ESA Risk have global coverage.

We can also assist on pre-insolvency matters, identifying whether there will be suitable assets to recover and helping you decide whether a case is worth taking on.

We add further value with difficult cases by providing you with strategic support in additional areas of digital forensics and asset and personal security.

Download this brochure for an overview of ESA Risk’s Insolvency & Debt Investigations services, including:

  • Asset tracing
  • People tracing
  • Process serving
  • Digital forensics
  • Complex investigations
  • Technical covert operations
  • Security.

Asset tracing (brochure)

Our traces are carried out professionally, efficiently and discreetly as a standalone service or as part of a wider investigation.

Download this brochure for an overview of the ESA Risk global asset tracing service, including:

  • what you can expect from us
  • our fee structure
  • an example report outline.


Asset tracing – Superyachts (brochure)

Identifying ownership of a vessel informally categorised as a ‘superyacht’ (usually more than 24 metres in length) can make an important contribution to legal proceedings, such as debt recovery or the implementation of a freezing order.

Download this brochure for an overview of the ESA Risk superyacht tracing service, including:

  • superyacht-specific knowledge and tools
  • what you can expect from us
  • our fee structure.


The Cyber Threat Landscape 2022

While 2021 started on a positive note for cyber security, with the disruption of the Emotet malware strain which had been a major threat (especially to the banking sector) since 2014; it ended negatively, with the emergence of a new, potentially critical vulnerability in Apache’s Log4j utility, used in systems across all industries around the globe.

While emphasis is often placed upon the implementation of robust technology, cyber risk can also be largely mitigated through training, education and awareness.

This ESA Risk Special Report addresses the latter 2 of these 3 pillars, covering some of the key cyber security threats, risks and vulnerabilities you need to be aware of this year, including ransomware attacks and deepfakes.

Lead author, Graeme McGowan (a Fellow of the Chartered Institue of Information Security), Cyber Risk & Security Consultant at ESA Risk, also reveals the biggest threat to cyber security in 2022.

Download your copy of The Cyber Threat Landscape 2022 Special Report free of charge.

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