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13th July 2022

Avoid rising theft with a caravan tracking device

If you own a caravan, you own a valuable asset. Supply chain problems have caused a shortage in new caravans and thus increased demand.

Unfortunately, an increase in demand has led to a rise in caravan theft in the UK.

You can protect your caravan in the UK and abroad by installing caravan tracking devices and by following a few basic steps. Keep reading to learn the best way to keep your caravan safe and keep enjoying the great outdoors.

Lock your entrances

Would-be thieves always check the easiest access points first. So, if you leave doors or windows unlocked, a thief will find the access point. Furthermore, you may compromise your insurance coverage if you don’t secure your doors.

Check all the door and window locks to make sure they’re functioning properly as well. Look for aftermarket locks to secure your caravan, which may be more effective than the standard fitted locks.

Lock your hitch and your wheels

When you tow a caravan, you should have a hitch lock. This lock prevents others from just hooking up your caravan and towing it away.

Furthermore, your insurance policy will often require a secure hitch lock. If someone steals your caravan and you do not have a hitch lock, your insurance company may not cover your losses.

If you do have a hitch lock, make sure it is secure. Always reattach the lock after you’ve both hitched and unhitched. When you’re preparing for a trip, you will have a dozen things on your mind, so it’s easy to forget this one step.

You can purchase a wheel clamp which locks the wheels of your caravan. If someone can bypass your hitch lock, the wheels will still not roll because of the wheel clamp.

Purchase an alarm

Because of the growing popularity of caravans, the caravan industry along with the home security industry has come up with some creative solutions for caravan theft. For example, you can purchase an alarm that has an internal motion sensor. The alarm is triggered when it detects a tilt.

Caravan alarms mimic home and car alarms. The more sophisticated the alarm, the more it will deter thieves.

Install caravan tracking devices

GPS tracking device for a caravan takes caravan security to a new level. The tracking device will allow you to pinpoint the location of your caravan through the tracker’s online dashboard.

Higher-tech trackers come with an alert that will go off when the application detects caravan movement outside of a set geographical boundary. If someone attempts to steal your caravan, you’ll receive a notification that something suspicious is happening.

At this point, you can contact the authorities to let them know someone is moving your caravan without your permission.

Not only will the tracker let you know someone is moving your caravan, but it increases the chances that you’ll recover the caravan if someone takes it.

If you have a caravan GPS tracking device installed, you can put a sticker in your caravan window telling thieves you have a tracker to discourage them from taking your vehicle.

Store smart

Keep your caravan somewhere secure when you’re not using it.

If you have a touring caravan, you can best secure it by locking it to a security post at your home. Park it with the nose against your home, so thieves cannot back up and take it easily.

Empty the caravan of all your valuables, so if someone does break into it, they won’t have anything to steal. Keep the curtains of the caravan open, so that would-be thieves can see that there’s nothing to take.

Mark your caravan discreetly

A proper marking won’t prevent thieves from taking your caravan, but it will increase your chances of recovering the caravan if someone takes it.

A VIN chip kit will allow the police to identify you as your caravan’s owner when they recover it. The VIN chip will have markings that contain the unique CRiS or Central Registration and Identification Scheme number.

If your caravan was manufactured after 2016, it already has a VIN chip. However, if you have an older model, you should order and install a VIN chip. As with a GPS tracker, let potential thieves know you have a marking on your caravan by putting stickers in the window.

Such stickers protect your caravan and tell thieves your vehicle isn’t worth their time to steal. You will recover it, and they will pay for your stolen caravan.

Enjoy the great outdoors in peace

A caravan allows you to see the world in a whole new way. You can live in the places you love, and you can enjoy the great outdoors. But a caravan is essentially a home on wheels and, because of its mobility, it’s obviously more susceptible to theft than a traditional home.

Hence the importance of proper security and protection. Secure your caravan, lock the doors, and consider adding a caravan tracking device and discreet markings. Such technology will likely prevent thieves from taking your caravan, will make your vehicle easier to recover if it is stolen, and will give you peace of mind.

Security solutions from ESA Risk

Alongside the Prime 3G GPS Tracker – a high-end, discreet and effective GPS tracking device for a caravan – which is available to purchase from our online store, we offer various security services including security risk assessments for private and corporate clients.

Our experienced consultants can give advice on and install practical security solutions including GPS trackers, overt and covert cameras, alarm systems and more. We also provide manned security services.

Contact Liam Doherty, Security Consultant, at, on +44 (0)843 515 8686 or via our contact form to learn more.



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The Prime 3G GPS tracker includes geo-fencing - ideal for caravan security.

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