18th May 2022

What to look for in a litigation support company

A legal dispute can be an expensive and time-consuming process for all parties involved.

Picking the right legal litigation support company can make the difference between success or failure for you and your client.

Litigation support companies provide a wide variety of services in and out of the courtroom. Hiring a company with experience will allow you to leverage their knowledge while making the most of your time.

Read on to learn how a litigation support company can play a crucial role in handling disputes.

Experience matters

Litigation support services companies are essential to helping you prepare a winning case. Their services are so important that you must find a company with experience in the industry.

A business with the right experience will know how the courts operate in the relevant jurisdiction. They will have professional relationships with others in the field, sometimes including court staff. You can leverage the benefits of these relationships throughout your litigation matter.

Focus on your file

Avoid working with a company that has experience but will not keep its focus on your file. The best support service companies will have a large amount of business. They should not sacrifice quality for quantity.

Speak with prospective litigation support companies about how they will make your file a priority. You need assurances that they have the staff in place to fulfil your demands. They must also do it on a time-sensitive basis.

Offer a wide variety of services

Practising law in the litigation field is a high-stakes area of the law where time is of the essence. The easier things are for you and your staff as you prepare during litigation, the more efficient you can be with your time.

Support companies should also help relieve stress and anxiety for your law firm. This goes for whether you are working with the company for a series of depositions, an arbitration, or a courtroom dispute.

Litigation support businesses can help you prepare large amounts of information for presentation to a judge or jury.

You should find one with a wide variety of services they do well.

Finding one company that offers all the services you need makes for a more efficient process and avoids the need to source and onboard multiple suppliers.

You will learn what to expect from a company that you work with over the course of different cases, and they will learn how they can best support you.

Asset tracing

An important part of the litigation process is learning whether a prospective defendant has assets that your client can recover. Even the strongest case may not be one worth taking on if your client has an unrealistic chance of future asset recovery.

Asset tracing is a process by which a litigation support company tracks down recoverable assets. This can include cash, shares, real estate, and other valuable property that a prospective defendant owns. Learning about a potential defendant’s asset profile before moving to litigation will help you and your client gauge whether a case makes financial sense.

A good litigation support company will be able to help with freezing assets and asset recovery, too.


Most individuals and businesses operate in a digital environment. This can make e-discovery a major part of a litigation matter.

Selecting a litigation support company that has the tools and knowledge to correctly identify, collect and host electronically stored information can be crucial.

Tracing and process serving

Service of process can be a challenging aspect of litigation. Defendants and witnesses may go so far as to conceal their whereabouts to avoid being a part of your case.

A good litigation support company will have the expertise and resources to both trace and serve subjects legally.

Communication counts

In today’s fast-paced legal world, time is money for all parties involved. The digital world makes it easier to communicate with people around the world than ever before.

Despite the advances in technology, not all litigation support firms are equal in this aspect. You should find one that communicates in a way that is the best fit for you and your staff.

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