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4th August 2021

London to Paris Cycle Challenge in aid of Cancer Research UK

Challenge completed; target amount raised.

Update from Mike (13th September 2021)

After 435km of cycling over 4 days from London, Mark Hendrick, Chris Newell, Adrian Howells (all Quantuma) and I made it to the finish line in Paris on Saturday 11th September.

A great experience, and we were spurred on the whole way by the generous donations to Cancer Research UK. I’m pleased to say we’ve raised more than £8,000 between us. Thank you to everyone who’s given their support.

If you’d like to donate via my Just Giving page, there’s still time.

cycling challenge

The challenge

At ESA Risk, we get involved beyond the risk landscape. Mike Wright, Investigations and Risk Management Consultant, will be embarking on a cycling challenge from 8th to 11th September 2021 as part of a campaign to raise money for charity. The cycle will take place across an impressive 435km, from London to Paris. Mike has been training intensively for weeks, taking his bike for weekly trips across the North West’s countryside, in preparation for this challenge. He will be cycling alongside Mark Hendrick, Adrian Howells and Christopher Newell from Quantuma.

The challenge is in aid of Cancer Research UK, an ever-important cause, which all donations and proceeds from the fundraiser are going towards. Cancer Research UK is about making a difference to those who need it. Although the challenge will be both physically and mentally difficult, the fundraiser will enable the funding of treatments that could be life-changing for someone.

Find out more, including how to make a donation, on Mike’s Just Giving page.


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