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6th October 2021

London networking event

Last week, we took the 500 Club to London for drinks and networking.

Back to London for our end-of-September networking event, hosted by ESA Risk’s Mike Wright and J-P Pitt from our co-host, Asertis.

The evening was an enjoyable one for the hosts and attendees alike, to get out of the cold and into the delightful venue that is the Bunghole Cellars in Holborn.

The group included professionals from a range of companies who came together for a few drinks and good conversation. Our events are informal, allowing people to chat in a comfortable out-of-office setting.

After the event, Mike shared that the evening was “a very pleasant one: we all got to know each other, the venue was full, business cards were exchanged. All in all it was a good event.”

We aim to bring together professionals from various industries, to network and connect.

The 500 Club series of events takes place fortnightly across the UK in cities including London, Leeds and Manchester. There’s a good chance we’ll be coming to a city near you over the next few months.

If you’d like to be added to our invite list, please contact us.

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