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Debtor tracing services

If you or your company are owed a debt and need help tracing a debtor’s current address as part of the debt recovery process, turn to ESA Risk’s debtor tracing services to find people in the UK or around the world.

Debtor tracing is one of the core services offered by our Investigations team. We regularly support lenders, lawyers, insolvency practitioners and corporates by tracing debtors (‘subjects’) to their most likely current address. Tracing a debtor is a key step in any debt recovery process, enabling our client to contact the subject or to serve them with documents, such as a statutory demand.

We combine access to specialist tools and databases with unrivalled experience and expertise for the best chance of tracing a debtor to an address. We always issue a detailed report so that you can see the full picture, including recommended next steps.

How does debtor tracing work?

ESA Risk’s people tracing service is run by highly experienced investigators. Debtor tracing comprises research using closed databases containing information such as credit activity, open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering and analysis, and, in some cases, human-source intelligence (HUMINT) gathering through field enquiries.

Whereas some debtor tracing companies require a last known address to trace a subject, we often work from only a name and date of birth, or a name and the details of a current or previous company directorship held by the subject. Starting the process with more information about the person we are tracing is useful, of course, but a lack of information isn’t always a barrier to a successful trace.

Our debtor tracing services extend to tracing the assets of debtors to build an asset profile of each subject to determine if they can repay their debt.

UK and international debtor tracing

While many of the cases we work on originate in the UK (with a UK national, or a debt owed to a UK company, or a director of a UK company, or a last known address in the UK, for example), debtors can be found in any part of the world. We have a wide network of international agents, providing us with in-country expertise, which means our reach – and yours – is truly global.

We can trace subjects to non-UK addresses, if a subject has moved abroad, and we are able to serve documents internationally, too.

Who can be traced using a debtor tracing company?

Locating a debtor is just 1 of the circumstances in which our tracing services might be called upon. There are a few legally valid reasons (under data protection laws) why someone would request a trace, for example: to identify the beneficiaries of a will or to find witnesses to a road traffic accident.

However, there are certain data sources that can only be used by registered organisations for the sole purpose of debtor tracing. As part of our compliance process, you will always be asked to provide a reason for your trace request.

Instruct us on a trace

Every trace is different. The time and effort needed to complete trace investigations is dependent on factors such as the amount of information provided to us and the accuracy of that information, what digital ‘footprint’ the subject has left at an address, how much information can be found through desktop research, and where in the world the subject is residing.

Contact us by phone (+44 (0)843 515 8686), email ( or via our web form to discuss the particulars of your case. We will give you a clear and full picture of what to expect from us in terms of a timeline, fees and possible results.

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